Sunday, June 14, 2009

**yv in London**

yVONne | 2:25 PM

Sunday, November 23, 2008

**back in sunny singapore**

yeap. i am back! came back yesterday early morning and since then, have met up with bf and hy. and it's official, yv is flying again on the 30th. This time round to Xiamen, said to be a more interesting place than henan. heh...looking forward to it but i am definitely missing out on alot of social life. like gatherings and stuff...

but then again, it is a very good experience. esp when i am going to henan in january when they go into winter full force! it is gonna be the first time yv sees snow!! hahaah, but it is not gonna be all play and no work. come jan, we will start with stocktake which will see me climb up and down to count coal and fertiliser stock in the COLD!!! i am gonna be sooooo cold...grrr...ahaha

so yeah, for frens who are game to catch up, i will be available between 13 dec to 29 dec. whilst stocks last! hahaha

yVONne | 9:26 PM

Thursday, November 06, 2008

**wish i didn't know**

how i wished i didn't know some stuff and becos i dun write them, it just means you don't know it...

some things are just not funny. period.

yVONne | 1:12 PM

Friday, October 31, 2008

**my first working trip**

It's confirmed. yv is flying to Henan, China at 1am on 9th of Nov. Four days before my 23rd birthday. While it's a waste to be away on my bdae, it will be a different experience. Maybe bug my colleagues to buy me fireworks on the 13th. FYI, I will come back at 635am on 21st of Nov - bf's bdae. My first working trip ever since i joined EY in aug, and probably the first time i am doimg anything

yVONne | 10:52 AM

Saturday, October 18, 2008

**1st and 2nd time**

Went to play golf at the keppel club with hy this afternoon, my 2nd attempt at hitting the tiny gold ball with a golf club that is not very much bigger. The place we went to today was much nicer than the east coast park one we went to the last time, no wonder hy was shocked by the state of the driving range the last time. I don't blame her...cos i would be too if i were her. Kinda think i am a fast learner...heh cos i was able to hit the tiny ball correctly on several occasions. Hitted about 40 balls today if i am not wrong and if you look at the percentage correct hits, it's probably pathetic but i am still quite happy with myself. And i wanna thank hy, my coach today. lol...She even let me try the wooden club - which is much lighter at first hit, which created the impression that it is easier to manoeuvre but how wrong can that be!! Switched back to club no 7 after 3 missed hits on the last ball allocated to the woooden club. hiaz...All in all, it was good workout at the driving range, cannot believe the amount of perspiration we shed in that 1.5 hours trying to hit the balls.

After which, we pampered ourselves at this pretty patisserie called Twelve+One (which hy repeatedly called it twenty+one. Probably thinking of 21...haa). Super nice ambience and quiet there. We had a fruity cake + raspberry filled donut + spicy hot chocolate. Had expected the hot chocolate to be spicy but it turned out to be only spicey (contains damn alot of cinnamon) and some cereal like coagulation. Quite nice but i think it may not go well with some people due to the pastey nature of the hot chocolate. The shop also sells tartlets that looks delicious and also handmade fruit jams that looks fabulous and I am sure will taste fantastic too...Thinking of the donut filled with raspberry-jam. Yummy!

For dinner, we went to Dempsey road. First time there and it was really an eye opener. Wondered why i never went the before. Super nice place to chill out - provided you are not on a shoestring budget. Went to the famous PS Cafe. Foodwise, ok ok. But their cakes are not bad. We shared the flourless orange cake and it went down really well with me. Like the egg-ish and buttery taste, completed with a scoop of vanilla ice cream. Wells, if you still don't know, i am a total sucker for vanilla ice cream. Hee.

Basically today was an atas day, where we keep seeing rich expats and the likes. Hmm, they do have a pretty different lifestyle if u ask me.

yVONne | 10:11 PM

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

**Pictures speak 1000 words**

As promised in the previous entry, some pictures post-accident on last Saturday night.

Looking at how badly damaged the car is, we should be glad we are both not injured.

And here's a sian photo of hy while waitin for the tow car uncle to be done with his job.

Wells, some pictures of us while we were at axis bar waitin to see the fireworks show.

BF and Heyuan..

me, hy and ally..

The fireworks that night were fantastic but i decided to focus on enjoying it than to frantically take photos. If u ask me to describe, i will say it is like looking at a bloomberg terminal, got 2 screens showing different things. Really had a hard time figuring out which side of the screen to look at. To the left is a much more themed show while the right is just a flurry of fireworks, as if the more bursts are shown, the nicer it is (i tink that is true). In a nutshell, i love fireworks!!

yVONne | 8:36 PM

Sunday, August 24, 2008

**I am so glad to be alive!!**

Have you even thought u were so close to dying and still not know it? I did and i am sure hy did too. If hy accelerated slightly more just now, we could very well have died or be seriously injured. Thankfully, we were blessed and kinda got out of the car accident unscathed (but i won't say the same for her car).

It was 1230am and we were on our way to my place (she has kindly offered to send me home after a nights out with heyuan, kristin, ally and mac) when her car was banged from the left just as she was coming out of the traffic junction in between SOB and LKS lib. The impact was so great that the car turned 90 degrees to the right with the bonnet badly crushed from the left to the right. For a few moments, hy could not open her car door. But luckily, a passer-by who was crossing the road with his gf saw the accident and came to offer assistance. He even offered to be our witness. So in a way, Singaporeans are nice pple still, they still help out when they see other pple in distress and for that i am thankful! Because of the impact and the angle, the car stalled on the 2nd lane from the right and was posing as a traffic hazard, a couple of guys came to help push the car while i steered the car to the left side of the road. First time touch the steering wheel after gettin my license so a bit gabra. haha...not super paranoid of cars le...prob stick to bus as much as possible. Quite scary just thinking how we (more so, I) could have died a few hours ago...gonna post some pictures tmr cos the laptop is not reading my sd card. sighs...

Just a note, wanna thank those pple who came to help with the car, the medics who came down and not forgetting MR Mac for driving down from simei to send the girls home...and to all, pls treasure your life because it is really really very fragile. Still very in shock knowing what a close shave it was.

more tots on the next post.

yVONne | 5:16 AM

Saturday, August 02, 2008

**update after 3 long months**

been a long time since i last blogged. been very lazy before and after my europe trip. well it was a great trip, enjoyed myself and got myself a wonderful present as well and i am lookin at him on my webcam. hahaha...guess he doesn't know that i am writin and lookin at him at the same time. heh...

another big thing that happened after i came back was commencement. it marks the end of my smu education and i am now an alumni. stupid sch, terminated our student pass right after commencement. not very nice i tink. they shld really do smth abt it and quickly issue us our alumni cards...roars! after commencement, i took many many photos, both in the old and new campus. great to relive those memories at the old campus. loved it there thoroughly.

just an update, monday is gonna be my first day of work and ey is transporting us to Penang for training. gonna be away for 5 days but i am sure it will be great fun. =)

yeap that's all for tonight, back to webcaming my prized possession!

yVONne | 1:16 AM

Sunday, March 23, 2008

**wala wala on Good Friday 2008**

a bit lagging but yeap, some photos of wala wala's taken last friday. realised i haven been posting pictures for some time. and i just noticed that blogger has a photo upload function. so good, no need to dl picasa alr. that stupid software only allows me to upload 4 pics at 1 time and always cause some to disappear without reason. i like blogger more now!!

first up, huiying and me...

personally tink this pic was really well taken. it can be used for some advertisement if they wanna show that it-is-damn-fun! haha...perhaps wala might want to get us for their photoshoots in future. hmm...

jiahui and me. the gym buddies for this term...

the girls. we look so happy too...

no idea why the pictures taken today have me with tiny eyes...and it does show that either have damn thin skin or blood circulation is too good...

notice the thorn amongst the roses?

okies, just kiddin, in case ln sees this post. sorry sorry, let me rephrase, it is just the roses around the thorn...

group photo with all of us in...

and end off with a retarded photo...

of course, not forgetting the group photo outside wala that got alot of comments on facebook cos of the pung sey kia - u know who u are...

yVONne | 5:27 PM

Saturday, March 22, 2008

**for mac!**

heys mac, i received your postcard!! thank you very much for rememberin that i am a sucker for postcards. really appreciate it and am looking forward to more postcards from u. u want any singapore postcards too?


thanks for remindin me that i haven been blogging. been really busy but i know that's not a good excuse. so here i am. never blog for so long that no longer auto login to my dashboard. not a good sign.

well, alot of things have been happenin to me this term. some more interesting, some quite painful but i guess, being my last term in smu, i shld really enjoy it. stop dwelling on the painful parts and look on the bright side. cos working might be more painful in the future not too far ahead.

i also want to share another thing. in case u guys forgot, mr rain really loves me. he cant stop raining everytime he sees me on the road and he pulled his most classic act on me again. his unrelenting love came pouring on me when i was on my way to sch. in the end i was only half dry (refer to my msn nick - half wet or half dry, it's a matter of perspective) and needless to describe, i looked pathetic. i choose to believe the rain was too heavy, not that i am too big for my umbrella. yeap yeap, positive thinking at its peak.

since i am bloggin now, just wanna make a note that i went to wala wala's last night after some 1.5 yrs? yes, it's so long ago that i cant rem when was the last time. it was good, the people were funny and there are plans to to malaysia to go-kart! so exciting, i haven go-kart-ed before!! i got super high cos if the half glass of beer i downed. sheesh, so embarrassing. but not as bad as someone who puked in the car. okies, i will keep the name to myself. haha

all in all, it was a good break from the mountain of work i have to clear from now till week 13. my last week 13 in SMU, and my 8th one to boot. way to go, yv!

yVONne | 9:37 PM

Sunday, March 02, 2008

**Prison break - Singapore version**

got this picture from zz. for all prison break fans, u will understand. i sitll tink michael scoffield looks much much better. this is in light of the JI leader who escaped from detection while on a toilet break. the longer he is on the run, the worse Singapore police force will look, and of course our safety will be jeopardised. but we can only hope for the best. hope to hear some good news soon.

yVONne | 12:33 AM

Monday, February 18, 2008

**i learnt something today...the hard way**

Freak! my wallet got pickpockted from my bag right under my nose...

there goes my 35+++ bucks and the wallet chris gave me for xmas 2 yrs ago (went to confirm with him). of course, not forgettin the no of calls i had to make to terminate my cards, be it ezlink, atm, debit and even nlb.

must say i am quite good with the procedures by now.

first u call all the banks.
then u call ezlink,
which will direct u to nlb.

after which, go to police station to receive the news that loss of ic and driving licenses NO LONGER need to be reported at the police. well, cant be helped, i dun lose wallets everyday.

so yeah, i need to go get replacements, which i will gladly do cos of the ugly photo in my ic. BUT but but, not when i am saving up for my grad trip. well, can only look on the bright side now, i get to change my ic photo, which is gonna set me back by at least 60 bucks or 100 bucks, depending on my luck and another 25 bucks for the drivin license which i need when i go clubbing.

not forgettin the replacement fees for atm cards. have half a mind to ignore the posbank one since i only had 1.77 buckc the last time i checked. heh...

quite a sad way to start week 7, aka hell week in smu...

yVONne | 8:24 PM

Saturday, February 16, 2008

**everything that can happen is gonna happen next week**

let me start on a good note first. i went to watch an a capella group perform last night with emma and co. the group is called budak puntai and they were really entertaining. the 10 bucks was well-worth cos it provided abt 2 hours of pure music and laughter. i even got a tiny glimpse of the chingay fireworks. the weather was also amazing, even thou it can get quite chilling. i really really want to live on high floors next time, get to save on air con and fans.

but things after that weren't that good alr. first i had to go back to submit my fixed income assignment which i could have submitted in the afternoon cos i was in the same damn building as my prof's office. stupid me forgot to drop it into his pigeon hole. well done! another thing was of course the slow poke bus. took so long to arrive and made so many pple wait for it.

finally, a lineup of what is going to happen to me next term. everything that can happen to me is gonna happen within next week. fyi, i am doing 5 mods as listed below:

equity - assignment 1 (2 qns with subsections)
fixed income - assignment 3 due on friday
derivatives - homework 1 due on tues (at least 10 qns with subsections)
portfolio management - mid term test and market summary presentation
strategy - case presentation

conclusion: i am so dead. so totally not free next week. groan...

yVONne | 11:18 PM

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

**my new blog**

just wanna announce that i have a new blog to note down the planning of my grad trip. it is at

please come and visit =) leave some comments if you have any good tips to share!

yVONne | 4:46 PM

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

**i promised to blog this**

Today is a very coincidental day...just as i was waitin for my bus home at the bus stop outside sch of biz, i saw a very familiar face...and that face belonged to dikun...

so, we walked to bugis cos he wanted to cut his hair and he offered to carry the very very heavy and oddly-shaped investment valuation textbook i borrowed from zz.

next, we saw inflation at its prime! some smart aleck suggested taking neoprint - yes, i know we are too old for that but that's beside the point. to our horror, the price of taking neoprints at bugis has increased to 11 bucks...the last time i took it i rem it was 8 bucks and that was in 2004 dec. dk even better, the last time he took it it only costed him 6 bucks. he even rem it used to be 4 bucks...omg, can u imagine? this is really hyperinflation to the max!! 300% increase in price within 10 years...too amazing alr!!

okies that's just what i promised to blog and i shall end here...

one more thing, i am seriously waitin for the girls to come back!!! -lol- another 13 days to go...

yVONne | 7:45 PM

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